Online Resources for K-12 Learning

There are a ton of great resources online for teachers and parents, but the problem is knowing what site and what activity to do to support the areas that are a struggle. This list breaks down several sites my students and kids have loved using into categories to help guide you.Online Resources for K-12 Learning www.NoodleNook.Net



 Letter Recognition: *Upper/Lowercase *Letterella *Alphabet Cards *ABCD *Watermelon *Alphabet Goop *Paint by Letter

Letter Sounds: *Loosey Goosey Rhymes *ABC Match *Big Bird Gets a Letter *Chicken Coop *Letter Pop *Digsby First Sounds

Long Vowels *Long Vowels *Long Vowel Sounds *Picture Match *Name the Picture *Reading Upgrade *Long Vowel Quiz

Short Vowels: *Short Vowels *Picture Match *Mix and Match *Name the Picture *Reading Upgrade *Short Vowel Quiz

Rhyming Words: *Professor Garfield Rhymes *Frog’s Rhyming Machine *River Rhyming *Cat at Bat *Elmo Rhymes *Rhyming with Reggie

Sight Words: *Sight Words with Samson *Dolch Word Games *Sight Word Matching *High Frequency Words *Word Scramble Game *Popcorn Words

CVC: *Whirlyword It’s a Goal *Alphabet *Chicken Stacker *Word Builder *CVC Word Machine

Blending: *Blending Bowl *Orson’s Waller *The Hay Loft *Word Blender *Construct a Word *Letter Blends

Prefixes: *Building Prefixes *Crystal Castle Prefixes *JigWords *Race to Ramses *Prefix Quiz *Short Circuit

Suffixes: *Spin to Win *Jelly Fish *Short Circuit *Word Works *Suffixes *Suffix and Base Word Match

Base Words: *Jelly Fish *Suffix and Base Word Match *Race to Ramses *Spin to Win *Word Works *Putting Down Roots

Word Endings: *Fish ’em Up *-ion Word Sort *-ion and-ation Word Sort *-ed and -ing Word Sort



Main Idea/Details: *What’s Going On? *Comprehension *Reading Upgrade *Main Idea Puzzle *What’s the Big Idea? *Main Idea & Details *BrainPop Movie & Quiz *Kid’s Lab *Main Idea Quiz

Author’s Purpose: *Author’s Purpose Matching *Reading Rocket *Author’s use of Persuasion *Author’s Purpose *Reading Upgrade Matching

Context Clues: *Cows Context Clues *Words in Context *Reading Upgrade *Word Master

Reality/Fantasy: *Tina’s WorldReal or Make-Believe?

Sequencing: *Monkey Business *Tying Your Shoe Sequence *Lists and Instructions *Library Sequencer *Ordering

Dictionary: *Dino Hunter *Alphabetical Order *Rags to Riches

Elements of a Story: *Cinderella Story Elements



NUMBER & OPERATIONS: *+ – x /E-Lab Grade 4 *Fractions *Fractions Interactives *Fuel the Brain | Elementary Educational Flash Games *Hit the Button *Johnnie’s Math Fractions Activities *Johnnie’s Math Fun Activities *Johnnie’s Math Multiplication Activities *Johnnie’s Math Number Activities *Kids and Cookies *Math Arcade Games *Math CyberChallenge *Math Word Problems *Mathtrain.TV *Money Interactives * *NH SAU 21 – Math *Number & Operations Manipulatives *Patty’s Paints *Shine + Write *Think Math! *Thinking Blocks

ALGEBRA: *Algebra Manipulatives *E-Lab, Grade 4Fairy Fog Patterns *Pattern Interactives

GEOMETRY: *E-Lab, Grade 4Geometric Rainbow *Geometry Facts *Geometry Interactives *Geometry Manipulatives *Johnnie’s Math Geometry Activities *Planet Hop Number Line *Quia – Discovering Elapsed Time *Right Back at You Angles Game *Shape, Space and Measures *Shapes Game *Weigh the Wangdoodles

MEASUREMENT: *Date and Time Activity *E-Lab, Grade 4Elapsed Time *Elapsed Time *Elapsed Time: Minutes and Hours *Johnnie’s Math Measurement Activities

*Making Measurements *Measurement Interactives *Measurement Manipulatives

DATA ANALYSIS: *Coin Flipping Page *Data Analysis & Probability Manipulatives *Data Probability Interactives *E-Lab, Grade 4Interpreting Chart Information *Johnnie’s Math Graph Activitie *Johnnie’s Math Probability Activities *Probability Card Game *Probability Fish Tank *Probably a Favorite *Reading Charts and Graphs *Reading Percentages in Charts *Sadlier Oxford – Educational Publishing from PreK-12+Sadlier Oxford – Educational Publishing from PreK-12+ *Virtual Coin Toss


PHYSICAL SCIENCE: *3-6 Student Interactives – Science – UENA Brief History of Weights and Measures *Acid/Bases And PH Indicators *Black Hole Game – Gravitational Force *Chemical vs. Physical Changes *Forms of Energy *Heat and Thermal Energy *Hot Air Balloon *Mass, Volume, Density *Physical And Chemical Changes *Physical Or Chemical Change? *Physical vs. Chemical Change *Properties of Matter *Science Lab *States of Matter Game *The Power Kids – Energy Facts *What’s More Dense?

LIFE SCIENCE: *All Systems Go *Build-A-Prairie *Cell Structure *Foodweb Kerplunk *How the Body Works *Plant & Animal Cells Matching Game

EARTH & SPACE SCIENCE: *A Virtual Journey into the Universe *Astronomy For Kids *Earth’s four spheres *Earth’s Four Spheres *Earth’s Spheres *Face Your Spheres *Visual model of Earth’s spheres


Do you have more? Add them to the comments section and help me build on this list!


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