PLE Nook

As part of my Post University coursework, I created this learning activity for Managing Instruction and Technology (EDU 627). Below is the problem introduction and the final product in full is attached.


MED 627 Project- Ayo Jones

Problem Introduction

            Within the classrooms of special needs students with PMLD (Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties), educators are often tasked with instructing the most challenging students while being provided with the least amount of preparation. Add to that the pressure to integrate technology in the classroom and the demands of teaching a new standards based curriculum and you have a potentially overwhelming situation. Teachers are asked to take on a wide range of academic abilities and a broad spectrum of technology applications and asked to make it work in the classroom. Meanwhile, little additional instruction on what that looks like in practice, especially when working with multiple disabilities, is provided. With this in mind, educators in the PMLD program will participate in training on simple ways to effectively use Smart Technology in the PMLD English/Language Arts (ELA) classroom.

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