Say What?

  It’s not what you say- it’s what you do that counts. Right?


Well… maybe not. With project management it can be what you say and what you do that both count. Communication is a huge part of managing any project. With so many players involved and stakeholders you are accountable to, there is no way to successfully work a project from start to finish without effectively communicating. What can be even more overwhelming is the sometimes frazzling task of keeping all the communication straight. Having a comprehensive Communication Plan is the way to say what you’re going to do and do what you said you would.


Depending on the size of your project, you can keep your communication plan in a grid or in separate document for each stakeholder. What is essential to include are the following:

Content– This is the what of what you are saying. The information that you share and the data that you deliver make up this content.

Frequency– This is when you say it. This is a way for you to keep track how often you plan on touching base with your stakeholders. Depending on who that is, it can be rather frequently and this will help you to keep it all arranged.

Medium– This is how you’re going to say it. Will you send an email? Call a meeting? Or schedule a face to face? These are the things you can plan out so that you know exactly what is on the horizon.

Response – This is the repercussions of saying what you did, when you did, and how you did. Keeping a clear record of what stakeholders have directed your way is very important. Key ideas, objections, and information that are important to the successful delivery of your project may rely on keeping all your feedback in order.

With all this information organized in your communication plan, you can take the huge task of effectively collaborating with stakeholders and walk the walk you said you would.


Want to see more on establishing a great Communication Plan and even more? Check out the tons of free resources at Project Agency!

Got more tricks up your sleeve? Leave a comment and share- What do you do to manage the tons of communication project management demands?


All Images Courtesy of Microsoft


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