Disabilities and Instructional Strategies

MH900446306As part of my quest towards professional growth, personal learning, and academic advancements, I have undertaken an instructional design module addressing disabilities in the classroom and the instructional strategies that can be used to promote student learning. I had presented a very dry and boring version of this training from a standard Powerpoint last year and, though the information was great, the lack of imagination was obvious. It seemed like a great project to undertake for my Master’s class “eLearning Design for Diverse Learners”. The entire presentation I used last year had to be scrapped and I had to start over from scratch. Below is the final project that addressed diverse learners and discusses a topic that is close to my heart.


This module can be delivered in a stand alone manner. All internal navigation through the module is self-explanatory. Instructor Notes are available below if additional assistance is needed.

Disabilities Module: ID-Disabilities

Instructional Strategies Module

Facilitator Guide

MED624 Project1- Ayo Jones

You can also access this module through my PLE page./

All Image Courtesy of Microsoft


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