ADDIE: Designing Lessons with the ADDIE Model

Over the last eight weeks, I have explored the instructional design process through the eyes of the ADDIE model. The project that serves as the culmination of that process involves designing a training guided at helping LIFE Skills students develop the skills needed to function independently in the workplace. Below you will find the complete paper with an excerpt of the introduction, the completed storyboards, and a prototype of the interactive navigation activity.

After completing this project it is clear the ADDIE process is an important and helpful tool in developing projects.

Find out more about the steps in ADDIE on this blog!



Within the severely and profoundly disabled setting, there are always instructional tasks needing special focus because students fail to show progress with the current format and the deficit skill is essential to future success. As such, using a new instructional design approach may allow the students in this program to access information in another way as a means to increase learning, retention, and generalization. With this in mind, students within the program will participate in training about functional vocabulary in the grocery workplace.

See the full project here: MED 623 Final Project!

See the completed StoryBoards below:

See the prototype activity below:


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