MED 520 Final Project

PLE Nook

As part of my Post University coursework, I created this learning activity for Digitally Mediated Teaching and Learning (EDU 520). Below is the introduction and the final product in full is attached.


MED 520 Project- Ayo Jones

Introduction Working with students who have severe and profound disabilities is a challenge. As an educator one is responsible for not only knowing what disabilities each student has, but also for knowing characteristics of all disabilities and how to overcome them in the classroom. With all the demands of working in a classroom, keeping abreast of technology applications for the classroom as well as assistive technology that can enhance the learning of students with a disability can be even more challenging. Periodically it is necessary to revise and upgrade classroom tactics used to make learning for the disabled successful. This learning activity looks to achieve three things. First, the activity intends to inform paraeducators about prevalent disabilities in the specific population they work in by deconstructing the five most prevalent. Secondly, the activity will advise participants of effective classroom management and learning strategies that can be used with each specific disability by providing real life examples with video support. Lastly this activity looks to promote participants to explore more about disabilities by assigning specialties to each participant. These three goals will be achieved by completing the following: 1) Participants will identify characteristics of the five most prevalent disabilities within the program. This activity will include an interactive sorting activity on the whiteboard as well as video clips to represent some specific characteristics. 2) Participants will then receive direct instruction, but polls will be done throughout the Powerpoint presentation to assess understanding and gauge knowledge. 3) Participants will finally break into teams to discuss and research ways to work with a specific disability in the classroom. They will then present that information to the group. Participants will achieve these goals using technology including interactive whiteboard activities, videos and video modeling, and accessing online resources to build knowledge. In summary, this learning activity will look to establish meaning in the material by engaging them in interesting activities, differentiating the presentation, and drawing on personal experiences to make the materials relevant and real.


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